We are passionate and knowledgeable about diamonds and precious stones, and work with the finest and experienced craftsman to make your dreams into reality.

If you have an idea for an item of bespoke jewellery. On numerous occasions our clients visit us, with sketches drawn by themselves or designs which they feel inspired by to make subtle changes to make there piece there very own. We have them drawn by hand so the customer approves them or discusses changes they want made.

In some instances the design just develops by laying out the stones in front of the client, and we play around with them until we have the desired look. This can be real fun and brings out the creativeness of the client and ourselves.

                                                               Hand drawn designs


Clients also bring in their Jewellery to be redesigned, this can often mean the stones are taken out and made into something fresh and new or they may just want add something to existing piece. We also offer a service for repairing jewellery, and matching stones which may be missing. We are always happy to give advice and estimates.