Our Story

It begins in the early 1930s with my Grandfather from India. He used to travel to Sri Lanka and Burma to acquire gemstones, pearls and jewellery to sell to the Indian and international dealers and exclusive Jewellery houses of the day. 

During those days he had met two Welsh brothers from Great Britain, Edward and William Hopkins. They were well known for procuring fine gems from the same places my grandfather frequented. He used to translate and make the deals for them when they visited. The Brothers started their company E & W Hopkins Ltd in 1938. They forged a wonderful relationship over the years. 


In beginning  of the 1950s my grandfather traveled to America on business and stopped on his way back in England on the invitation of the Hopkins brothers. They offered him to be a Director and partner of E & W Hopkins Ltd, this was unheard of in those days. The brothers retired in the late 60s and handed over the entire business to my grandfather. This is when my father and his brother in law came to help and later his nephews continuing the business through the 70's to present day. The business continued to supply all levels of jewellers, and began to buy in the auction houses to find old stones to recut or sell on. This is where our love for antique and vintage comes from.